Cambridge Ignition Interlock

Massachusetts Ignition Interlocking from the beginning.

We consider ourselves to be the number one interlocking device specialists servicing Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Not because we simply believe we’re the best, but because we have been helping people with understanding the guidelines of the Massachusetts OUI and DUI laws, as well as teaching them when it might be appropriate to have an ignition interlock installation done on their vehicle and how it could benefit them since the introduction of the need of these devices. We’ve lived through all of the changes, challenges, old technologies, and complex client questions. So when it comes to ignition interlocking question in Massachusetts we have answers, and not because we read the book, but because we’ve lived the experience from the start.

We are Process focused:

We thoroughly understand how the process works, and we have a keen understanding of how to service your needs without invading your privacy at the same time. From the introduction of Melanie’s Law, to the interlock red tape, to understanding the system, our primary goal is to ensure that when you are on the open road that you are meeting the requirements of ignition interlocking devices and driving safely under the oui laws in Massachusetts. Yes, experience does matter, and we’ve lived the Massachusetts ignition interlocking laws and procedures from the beginning, and we would be pleased to share our knowledge and background to make this process seamless and smooth as can be.

We are Customer focused:

Why would you want to choose Affordable Ignition Interlock in Cambridge MA for all of your interlock system needs? Well, there are various reasons why you should choose our services over our competitors when it comes to acquiring a breath alcohol ignition interlock device. First of all, by enabling us to engage in an ignition interlock device installation you will have peace of mind knowing that you will not have to deal with an inferior piece of equipment in your car when your opting to start it. Our friendly staff is extremely knowledgeable, and will walk you through the entire process of using the ignition interlock program, thus keeping your situation private and confidential.

We are Technology focused:

The interlock device Massachusetts that we use within our customers vehicles possess the best technologies available. The baiid device has been installed in various vehicles since 1994. In order to keep up with the demands of ever-changing technology our interlock devices contain proprietary sensing technology to increase the accuracy of the device, even when the device is under harsh elements that may threaten the vehicles electronic devices.

We are Interlock focused:

We have proudly been representing LifeSafer Interlocking Devices since they were introduced to the market in 1992. Not only do we provide an ignition interlock installation on passenger vehicles, but we can even install one of these devices into commercial vehicles also. Our business deals strictly with interlocking devices. 100% of our time is spent working on perfecting the product, installing the product, reviewing over the requirements of the product and processing orders for consumers that require the product. We like the fact that there are no other business distractions that we are forced to deal with, because it offers us the benefit of focus and enables us to fulfill all of our customer’s requests for interlock devices a lot easier than our competition.

The interlock installation teams that we employ are all handpicked individuals that have an immense amount of experience working with various mobile electronics. We highly believe that without a worker having car electronics experience, there is no way that they can provide consumers with a trustworthy interlock device installation.

We are Privacy focused:

Last but not least, the other main reason why you should choose Affordable Ignition Interlock in Cambridge for all of your interlocking device needs is because we respect your privacy. We have strict rules that we expect all of our staff to adhere to. We understand that you do not want everyone in the world knowing that you violated the

Massachusetts drunk driving laws; therefore we respect the fact that the past is the past and we do our best to provide our customers with a stress free future.

Feel free to call Ignition Interlock services today, we will be more than obliged to discuss the cost of interlock device electronics with you, and let you know what options exist for you to afford and pay for the ignition interlock cost and have one of these devices installed into your vehicle with haste.